Milton Keynes Dominatrix


Sensual Domination

Sensuality – the condition of being pleasing or fulfilling to the senses, allowing yourself to let go.

I personally love the way your body moves…  I enjoy your reaction to my touch, the goosebumps from intense sensations, the shivers from my voice, and the dialation of your eyes.  A physical, emotional and mental connection from a genuine FemDom power exchange – for me, there’s nothing better!

Making you wait, wondering what will come next, the suspese of keepiong you on edge, and then taking you further than you ever expected.

A session with me is unlike anything you have ever experienced, and so much more than you could ever hope for…

Sadistic Domination

Sadism – the tendency to derive pleasure and gratification from inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation on others.

For me, it’s not just the excitement of doing something to you, or the endorphins that rush through my body, and yours.  It’s the intensity and fire that I’m able to introduce you to, but done in a safe, controlled and consensual way.  From busting balls with my bare feet, to caning bottoms until they bleed, or pushing my fingernails into your bollocks and making the go squish…

One of my favourite scenes from a movie was actually in a recent James Bond movie “Tomorrow Never Dies”,  A young woman dressed in a military outfit, she was carrying out an interrogation scene, then she threw water over her captive, and then electrocuted and ball busted him.  It was so hot! 

I love to watch your back arch, see your hairs bristle, and hear the moans escape from your lips.  And I especially love it when you beg me for more. How far could you go?  How far can I push you?


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